I wanted to take the time to pause and reflect upon the passing of Former Secretary of State General Colin Luther Powell. Whilst I offered my condolences earlier, I just wanted to appreciate a former member of a Presidential Administration for his service and sacrifices for nation. Whilst too often we hear of a sacrifice, it is also important to remember that sacrifice is rooted within and from the depths of love. I also reflected upon his idea of servant leadership. Whilst the word “servant” can contain various ideas related inferences such as that of slavery or biblical references such as that of a servant of God; I think the idea of servant at present times could reflect the epitome of the desire to serve, but we also have to remember that appreciation and keeping the love for what one desires to serve for alive. At times we can become intertwined within the politics of the day, or the disturbing effect that is rooted from the psychological wars that take place as a form of modern – day civil wars, and comeback to points essentially to remember that this is one nation – America. It truly was heartwarming to see Republican and Democratic leaders present for the funeral service of General Colin. Powell. With love and gratitude.

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Thank You For Your Service. 🇺🇸

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