As the Tokyo 2020 Olympics come to a close with the closing ceremony, I take the time to reflect upon Tokyo 2020. With much anticipation, excitement and enthusiasm the nations’ teams, supporters, olympic committee’s, volunteers and all who came together for the possibilities of such an event to take place. It is quite remarkable when people come together what can truly be achieved. As the years in-between the previous Olympics to that of now, I think back to the many significant life-changing events that have taken place, particularly in-terms of relationships as well as health.

I absolutely loved the design!

When relations change, shift, quite often we are left with a heart that grieves. The grieving or the process of holding on or letting go, does not mean that feelings were never present. Because if there was no attachment, we wouldn’t feel anything with a de-attachment. Of-course the intensity of relations will prescribe how one reacts and responds to the ever shifting / changing of relationships. With time it is the heart that regains strength, as we begin to define our relationships, to be grateful for the good memories, cherish what was, and what the heart will always define as – is!

The same can be said for health and wellness throughout the years. We cannot negate the effects of COVID-19. The physical in-terms of who has been affected directly, and the psychosocial / psychological effects. As we emerge from the pandemic it is absolutely encouraging to see International / Global athletes who exemplified strength, stamina and determination, as well as struggles. We can reflect upon the decisions taken by Simone Biles and ponder upon how effective coaching / psychological supports may have changed her decisions, and also how teams supported one-another even if they didn’t win the desired medal. There are probably much more instances to write about, but I am just reflecting upon some thoughts that I had.

The message that I wanted to conclude with through this writing is that whilst we do cheer and support national teams, as well as to demonstrate good sports man / woman ship. I think about the “ordinary” individuals who are facing difficulties within the many realms of life, individuals who also need to be cheered on, maybe not a literal cheer on, but simply to know that all are worthy of living a life to its fullness. Maybe this might not mean to win with a medal 1, 2, or 3 and so on, but quite simply a life that is more than to survive, to thrive.

Congratulations to all the teams and individual athletes of Tokyo 2020 and Good Luck to everyone for the Paralympics 2020! All the best!!! Congratulations Team USA!!! : )

Image – August 8th 2021

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on August 8th 2021. Inspired by the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 as well as the Made in America series as viewed on ABC World News Tonight with David Muir. Thank you.

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With Love & Kindness! šŸ™‚

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