A Subtle Healing!

They say that patience is a virtue, and I believe that this is the case, although patience is like a muscle that is built and strengthened, through experience and endurance. Even as we build this muscle there will always be times of fragility. If we were to take note of where the impatience arises from the most, we would probably take notice that the fragility arises from our desire to survive. And human tendencies that are connected to theories of human evolution. But this is not to say that the muscles that we build to strengthen the human mind are not useful, or have not had any impact upon the human state during the fragility periods. Coping strategies, skills, become helpful, and are related to thoughts I just shared on Instagram, just a few days earlier:

#MondayMotivation God / Jesus can arrive in the loving presence of a human form that penetrates, protects, becoming a wing that is the cover for the soul and body. Isn’t it a beautiful feeling to know that there is restoration for the soul?

Shazia S. Hussain

In a similar way I also shared the following thought in poetic form. Immaculate, feelings healing. This thought is especially precious as it was written from the perspective of being a mother – motherhood. There is fragility associated with this role, especially because of biological links that can sometimes be explained or unexplained. With the blessing, rewards of parenting, there are also sacrificial elements that lead to the creation of emotion / feeling; such as impatience, anxiousness, linked to human survival.

As these emotions arise, it was a loving presence in the form of an image, that allowed for feelings of patience and restoration of the soul. When we think of the greater sacrifices of mothers / fathers, mothers and fathers throughout history such as Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, it does not negate our own pain, but allows for a natural stabilization, that occurs deep within the processes of the brain, related to social psychological theory.

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on March 1st, 2020.

Lets us be thankful for the little messages or the loving presence that is found throughout of life journey, that allows for us internal human peace. Thank you! My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🙂

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