SOTU 2020!

The following words are a few thoughts with regards to the State of the Union address that took place on February 4th 2020. Whilst the topics covered were much of the same as the previous years, with of course the necessary updates. I would like everyone to focus upon the closing remarks, and President Trump’s poetic tone. Which was mingled with the names of many of the greats, the pioneers, innovators who built America. But of course House Speaker, who is also the leader of the Democratic Party; which in my view is also a conflict-of-interest, could not accept the sharing of success, or remaining neutral even when there are opinions that are not agreeable. Instead, Nancy Pelosi caused the final tantrum, of ripping up the very speech of the State of the Union that President Trump was reading.

Of course this action created the focal of media attention. There was much criticisms and wonder why Pelosi would rip up a speech, that especially contained the names of members who had served and sacrificed for ones nation. How do families / individuals who are watching, act and react to this action. Even if they are in agreement or disagreement with the President of the United States of America or Republican Party views? However; a good balance between Pelosi’s actions were created with finally putting some sort of acquittal to an Impeachment Investigation, with verdicts such as not guilty.

As I watched the speech, what stood out to me the most was the seeing and hearing of family members who had died. Whist there was clapping to acknowledge, or maybe convey love to the invited members – my heart ached to see those who were left standing as a representation of loss.

My heart was aching. a silence began.

the shroud that held the rupture.

As a final point of this reflective piece upon the State of the Union, I have to say that it was also lovely to see a family re-united as service members return home to their loved ones. There is so much happiness to know that military members who do serve abroad can also return home safely.

There is so much happiness to know that military members who do serve abroad can also return home safely. #ShaziBlog #quote #SOTU #SOTU2020

Please Note: I have offered these views through a neutral tone. However, continue to dispute treatment of migrants and vulnerable individuals who are seeking a safe haven in America, especially at the southern border.

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on February 6th, 2020.

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