Super Bowl 2020!

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs! The 2020 Super Bowl Champions! Well done for making it through to the final game of the road to the NFL championship. To all the team members, coaches, fans who supported the team throughout this victory, thank you! Congratulations also to the San-Francisco 49ers who made it to the final game of the Super Bowl LIV and for a wonderful season of faithful!

Pepsi Half-Time Show

Congratulations to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira on a very vibrant, energetic Pepsi Half-Time performance. I absolutely loved your artistry of dance, music, costume, color and Latino/a representations. I think that you had a wonderful message of latino representation embedded into your performance, especially with the words of “Born in the USA.” However, I think that there was some contractions with the use of flag. The synchronicity of the portrayal of message would have been better presented with the use of the United States of America flag, hence; born in the USA. Whilst of course this message is from a critical lens, I still believe that your performance was terrific! Congratulations!!!

Thank you also to Demi Lovato for the singing of the national anthem, Yolanda Adams for the singing of “America the Beautiful.” And to the US Naval Forces for the flyover over at Hard Rock Stadium. Thanks to fans and everyone who made the Super Bowl 2020 a successful event. THANK YOU!

UPDATE: Since writing these thoughts I have learned that the fur coat the Jennifer Lopez was wearing at Super Bowl 2020 was intact the Puerto Rican flag on the inner side, and American flag on the outer side. My Sincere apologies for this genuine error, I am grateful for representations of both flags, as both belong to one another – America! Thank you so much! Absolutely stunning design! ♥️ Please also note that I have kept my original thoughts as is, simply to reveal the act of human error. Lots of love and hugs!

Further Reading: CNN Entertainment | Jennifer Lopez’s epic Super Bowl flag coat was custom Versace


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