Christmas Reflection 2019!

As I was taking down Christmas decorations, I decided to watch the classical version of “Little Women.” This was simply because, I wanted to keep feeling the spirit of Christmas, as there was a simple sadness of what we could term as “putting Christmas away” till the next season. Which is probably why I continued on with my baking, keeping decorations up, well into the New Year. As I engaged in self-observation, I found my actions and thoughts interesting. To recognize how we as humans act / react as seasons and celebration arrive and end. But the truth of Christmas never really does end, because the fact is that we are the spirit. That lives within us each and every day. So long as we are alive and continue to keep faith and belief alive – Christmas and the spirit of will never end.

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Whilst I continue to remain hopeful that there can be interfaith unity and religious peace, these thoughts are written to specifically focus upon the celebration of Christmas, and the birth of Jesus Christ. These words are dedicated to Christians who face religious persecution each and everyday. May God hear your prayers, provide you with betterment and ease, as you face the trials and tribulations of faith.

As I write and share these thoughts I continue to remain thankful, that I am able to share and participate in the blessings of the season. Thank you! My thoughts to share with love & Kindness! 🙂

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on January 22nd, 2019.

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