Advent 2019!

Advent is the time and season that Christians engage in the remembrance that leads to the birth of Christ, the Messiah Jesus. Since the year of 2014 I have also taken part in the advent calendar with the use of Twitter, as a Christmas countdown. As many of our readers from the previous website: Committed To Love™, I was inspired to carry this forward through Fred Cuellar – The Diamond Guy’s® tweets of advent during the year of 2014. I enjoyed these tweets, that served as a reminder of the joy of the Christmas Spirit. Especially when life became chaotic, or even with what many call the stress of the season. However we choose to celebrate or engage in practices that lead to Jesus’ birth, advent is also a reminder of the significance of birth, human life, the precious gift of a soul and body that suffered so much, just so to deliver the truth. So truly do we have to even think that the Christmas season is stressful or not? When the suffering / stress that Jesus Christ – The Messiah endured, was too great for any words? But what else is the beauty of the suffering, but to remember birth. The birth of Christ is significant for Christians and many other religious dominations. Jesus, one baby, one man, chosen by God – The father, was able to shape and change the course of history to this very present day. So as we uncover our advent calendars, virtual or real, let us be happy and joyful that a baby is going to be born. Please feel free to join me as I uncover my virtual advent and also share the Christmas Advent Countdown via twitter!

My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🙂

Virtual Advent Calendar – Shazi’s Advent 2019!

Image 1 – Web Link

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