Vigil For Life!

I would like to take the time to thank all who are passionate about the topic of life. Who have prayed with the Vigil for Life, and participated in March for life events. Of course I think that we all should have a care and concern for life, protection, and preservation of life. But the march for life events or vigils do also invite socio – political thought, especially when topical issues such as abortion come to play. As a person who cares for life, I would argue that abortion should be viewed as a last resort, but is a resort especially when there are risks to the mothers health. And as we live in a society where pregnancies occur before marriage, or there are cases of rape, sexual violence or teenage pregnancies; then organizations including faith-based organizations, who especially care for the preservation of life, and do argue against abortion, should be open. Open their loving caring-arms, with non-judgment and be there to assist. When we also take the consideration for vigils, we should be mindful that these are also practices for prayer, praying for life. The born and unborn. So whether we pray for the living, or are hopeful for those who desire to conceive, in each case we pray for all.

prayer, praying for life. The born and unborn. #ShaziBlog #quote #Vigil4Life #Marchforlife

I know that there are groups who would counter-argue my thoughts, but isn’t that the beauty of freedom to thought? Members who are passionate about Womens rights, and a Women’s right to her body, would of course advocate for choice. These thoughts are not a negation of such. But even if we are putting life at the forefront, there are still choices for those who are considering abortions, especially from an educative perspective. When women who are cornered, vulnerable, or feel that they have no other choice but to abort, learning about choice can be a form or empowerment as well as saving life.

Learning about choice can be a form of empowerment as well as saving a life. #ShaziBlog #quote #Vigil4life #MarchforLife

March for life events and Vigils for life should serve for all. The care and concern does not end with biological birth. Here we can think about cases of adoptions, foster care, orphans, those who are not in good relations with parents, family members, and the various dynamics of family. Healthy relations are very much intertwined with the sanctity and preservations of life.

adoptions, fostercare, orphans, #shaziblog #quote #vigil4life #marchforlife

Dedication: I would like to take the time to thank religious organizations for sharing such passion and determination for the love of life, especially the Catholic Christian faith. Revealing the power of the word of Jesus Christ! I once wrote that Jesus should be called and viewed as one of the greatest minds of all time, I think it is a truth. A great philosopher and advocate! Thank you!

There is no greater stand than the stand of Jesus! #shaziblog #quote #Vigil4life #Marchforlife

My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🙂

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