On January 3rd 2020 the Trump administration announced that Irans top security advisor and intelligence commander: Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani had died, with a U.S.drone strike. This surprise / abrupt strike came after tensions at the USA embassy in Iraq, with Pro-Iranian protests, a siege, and months of turmoil. This killing of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani and the drone strike raised national and international reaction. At the national level politicians and leaders are questioning if this was the right decision, with agreement and disagreement. This was a direct decision from President Trump, which has also led House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and others to call him out, as President Trump did not consult congress, with the Pelosi issuance of a statement on the White House War Powers act.

There are others who are celebrating at home and abroad, as they believe that one who has plotted terror and responsible for the killing of U.S. soldiers is now dead. Of course it goes without saying the protection of U.S. lives at home, abroad, and the mission to protect at international levels is a high priority.

the public call for leadership is also to: assure those that one is leading, to uplift and raise the call for public morale. #ShaziBlog #Quote #Leadership #Politics #Education

This aim / strike has rattled responses including financial markets. It is a given that investors / financial analysts expected this. But it is during this time of aim and attack, the public also desires to feel a sense of safety / security during unsettling times. So even as politicians, news makers, or a person like myself who is offering an opinion; the public call for leadership is also to: assure those that one is leading, to uplift and raise the call for public morale.

“When times are tough, thats when great leaders step up and keep everyone motivated and focused.” #TilmanFertitta #ShutUpAndListen #Tilmanism #Quote #ShaziBlog #Leadership #Politics #Education

Sometimes observation is necessary for a response. #ShaziBlog #Quote #Iran #Iraq #DiplomacyMatters #Politics #Education

Personal Opinion: After taking the time to observe and think about this drone strike which led to the Killing of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, I believe it was the right decision. Whilst I believe that the USA has always given top priority to diplomacy, building diplomatic relations, the escalations, rising of continuous tensions by Iranian Militia in Iraq needed to be addressed. Seemingly so soft power, diplomacy was not taking the effect as one would have liked, therefore to address an issue hard-power is the resort. Whilst Iran has responded, I think that Iran should view this drone strike as an important message from the USA. If you go around causing trouble then it is obvious that the trouble will be addressed. Maybe the response should not be about revenge, or seeking vengeance on the part of Iran, but rather to understand why the killing and drone strike took place. Maybe it might be better to engage in diplomacy, begin dialogues rather than further violence? Maybe there is opportunity amidst the chaos?

I believe that the USA has always given top priority to diplomacy, building diplomatic relations, #ShaziBlog #Quote #Iran #Iraq #DiplomacyMatters

Inspiration: I was encouraged and inspired to write this blog post by the quote that is taken from Tilman J. Fertitta’s book entitled: “SHUT UP AND LISTEN!” on Section 5, p. 107 of the book. Please refer to the quote within this blog post, and the complete reference as indicated. Thank You!


Fertitta, J. Tilman. SHUT UP AND LISTEN. HarperCollins Leadership, 2019.

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UPDATE: January 8th, 2020. Since writing this blog post, Iran has retaliated with airstrikes on two U.S. military bases in Iraq. No U. S. casualties have been reported at this time, and Iran has stated that it is not interested to create war with the USA, but the strikes were a revenge attack. We hope that through the initial drone strike that resulted in the death of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, and the Iran retaliation strike that attacks from both sides are concluded. Of course it is important to continue to monitor events, but Iran has to also understand why an attack from the U.S.A happened in the first place. We hope and pray that world leaders can stand together in the face of diplomacy, to once again begin peaceful resolutions through dialogues and discussion. It is with these thoughts we send love, hope and prayer to the many service men and women who are deployed overseas. We continue to remain thankful and thank you for your service, may God protect you in the face of protection of our loved nation at home and abroad. God Bless You and God Bless America!

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on January 7th, 2019.

My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🙂

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