On this anniversary day of the Sandy Hook school shootings that took place on December 14th 2012 I would like to share my thoughts of love, sympathies and condolences to the parents of children who were the victims of the Elementary school shooting and the adult school staff. The massacre took the lives of 26 individuals, 20 of whom were innocent children between 6-7 years young and 6 adult school staff members.

Sandy Hook is an elementary school in Connecticut, USA. With the reflections upon 10 years, I take the time to reflect upon my own life, where was I? What was I doing? I know that I was’nt publishing on a website, writing a blog or with any-kind of digital presence. But I do remember advocating as a parent within the school setting.

I appreciate the work of parents that go above and beyond to ensure their children receive the best of education for the purposes of intellectual development, a healthy brain organ, to eventually attain personal and academic goals of all-kinds. And of course when devastation strikes so too are the efforts impacted, thus; the perishable life.

I thank the Sandy Hook Promise organization that is created for the purposes of gun-reform, advocacy, child protection and more. I also appreciate the permanent Sandy Hook Elementary memorial that is created as a space for grieving and healing.

To the parents, loved ones, family and friends of the children and staff I grieve your loss. May God bless you all, strengthen your hearts with courage, strength, determination as you continue to be the keepers of the gift of life.

With Love & Kindness. 🇺🇸

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