On April 25, 2022 it is the Global / International recognition of the infectious human disease, known as Malaria that is spread from Mosquito bites. While the attention and focus of the disease is typically upon the continent / region of Africa, it must also be recognized that Malaria is widespread in all sub-tropical and tropical regions particularly around the Equator, such as Latin America, Asia, including India and Pakistan. Countries such as Columbia, Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela are all included as sub-tropical / tropical regions prone to the infection and disease of Malaria. And I have also experienced the Texas mosquitos too! 😉

On this World Malaria Day I specifically draw attention of International Organizations such as the World Health Organization to become attentive to Latin America, given that this is a continent in the Western Hemisphere, the spread of infections and diseases can have a direct affect upon the nation of America and North America due to human migrations. The complete World-Wide eradication of Malaria has not yet happened, but there are preventions available to help combat the transmission of Malaria. Thus, to also curb the spread of diseases that are essential to human survival and preservation of life world-wide. To also allow human beings particularly in vulnerable and fragile regions to seek the betterment of life and living conditions.

With Love & Kindness! 💐

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