My thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to everyone who has been affected with the horrific shooting that took place early morning on April 12 2022, in a Brooklyn Subway Train, New York. It was reported that at least ten individuals have been shot, with sixteen injured, and that there are five individuals who are in stable but critical condition. I am grateful to hear that there were no life threatening injuries. The Brooklyn Subway Train was first filled with smoke by the shooter who then began to shoot, the shooter is yet to be found. At this time my thoughts of condolences to the New York community and first responders of New York. Thank You For Your Service.

The Brooklyn Train Attack comes just a day after President Joseph R. Biden Jr., announced the rule of making Ghost Guns illegal. He announced from the Rose Garden, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC. USA. I was proud to hear of efforts to limit the possession of illegal guns in America, especially as we hear much about the illegality of individuals who may decide to cross the border, and deemed as threats. An important reminder of the threat of Domestic and Gun Violences that are taking place at home, with strategies such as these needed to try to reduce illegal gun possessions.

To all who have suffered and are injured I wish you all the best for recovery.

Further Reading |

  1. USA Today | At least 10 people shot, shooter at large after attack in Brooklyn subway train, officials say
  2. Fox News | Biden announces rule making ‘ghost guns’ illegal as part of comprehensive gun crime strategy


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