Whilst I normally reserve my sympathies and condolences for American service members and the tragedies that take place to claim life in America particularly from gun violences, mass-shootings and so on, the string of notable deaths of living legends who have passed away within days deserve our attention. Please join me as I offer my condolences, love and sympathy for the passing of:

Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa – (90) World renowned for his work within human rights and the South African anti – Apartheid. December 26th 2021.

Betty Marion White Ludden – (99) An inspiring woman and dedicated actress. Also known as the First Lady of Television. December 31st 2021.

John Earl Madden – (85) – A noteble NFL coach for the Oakland Raiders and the National Football League. December 28th, 2021.

God Bless Your Souls. With love, sympathies, condolences and support. 💐

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