My thoughts of love, prayer, condolences and support to everyone who has been affected with the terrible tragedy of a High School shooting that took place at Oxford High School, Michigan, USA., on November 30th 2021. This shooting took the lives of 3 students with 8 who were shot and are suffering from injuries. It is as this time I convey my thoughts of sympathy to the families who have suffered from the death of their adolescent children, and wish for a speedy recovery of those students who are injured including a teacher. I have always believed that a life well-lived is a life lived. As we are in the time of advent and reflect upon the life of Christ Jesus as one of eternal and infinite life, I think of these students as innocent angels, that have truly been taken too soon. These thoughts have also inspired me to share the following quote: “Who has said we have come to earth to live / We only come to dance / We only come to dream.” – Nahuatl. Once again I am truly devastated to hear of the repetitive act of gun shootings within schools, that also echo the words from my previous blog post of America’s future under attack. My thoughts remain with the school community. To the lives risen, rest in peace. To those recovering, get well soon.

Update | Since writing the above words a fourth student has passed away.

Helpful Link | ABC7 NY News Michigan shooting victims: What we know about the 4 Oxford High School students killed

Image Link

With Love & Kindness.

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