I have always loved the traditions of welcoming the National Tree to the White House. This year I took that time to wonder about the many first families that have lived and chose how the house should be decorated, and the families that inhabit the White House even if there are oppositions of political opinion or party. Such as Republican First Lady Melania Trump vs. Democratic First Lady Dr. Jill. Biden. What unites this space of the White House is that you all live there once you are elected. 🙂

To celebrate the National Tree 2021 I collected ferns, pines, branches and greenery to make our evergreen wreath. I also welcomed our own tree earlier. I like the idea of decorating for the Christmas season early if possible, so that one is able to enjoy the atmosphere and spirit of Christmas. Thank you and welcome Christmas 2021!!

Christmas / Evergreen Wreath Making 2021

Christmas Tree!!!

Notes: All images are my own

Helpful Link | ABC NEWS | First lady Jill Biden accepts White House Christmas tree.

With love & Kindness! 🙂

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