My thoughts of love, prayer and support to everyone affected with the shooting at Timberview High School Arlington, Texas, USA. The shooting occurred as an individual in his late teens (18) utilized the weapon of a gun to shoot and kill individuals within the school. At this time I send sympathy and support to the families of the victims who have been identified as three (3) students and one (1) teacher. Whilst there was no death reported, my thoughts turn to the deeper issues that surround school shootings and the case for why teenagers are able to obtain hand-held weapons. I wish all the best for the recovery of those injured and the healing for the entire school community. And of-course feel sad about the psychological impact that school-shootings have upon an entire school and student population, including families, care-givers and so on.

Further Reading: ABC NEWS | Texas high school shooting: 4 hurt, 18-year-old suspect in custody

With Love & kindness.

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