I wanted to take the time to think and reflect, the truth is that a few years earlier, I was able to visit the Ground Zero site, the 9/11 memorial where the Twin Towers once stood. My trip was completely unplanned, just a random pull, that I needed to book a flight to New York, USA. A few clothes packed and ready, abroad an American Eagle flight and within approximately 1 hour I was in New York. One of the hotels in which I stayed was located very close to the memorial, not knowing this at the time. As I prepared for a walk to explore the area, there I found the 911 memorial of the Twin reflecting pools.

As I look back I think and wonder about the strange pull that led me to you. Upon viewing the memorial I was overcome with grief and deep emotion, and simply found that I could not hold back the tears. I did break-down and found a bench to sit on, and took some time to gather my emotions. After sometime I found the courage to go back to the memorial and touch the names of the fallen. As I returned, I knew that I needed to re-visit. I took some flowers and my umbrella. Absolutely unprepared for the weather, I purchased an umbrella from New York. The rain, almost like my tears, crying, consoling, and sharing each others emotions.

This time I was probably more psychologically prepared to visit the memorial of our loved ones. I put some flowers in-between the grooves of the Twin Reflecting pools and watched the water falls. This is also when I was introduced to the Survivor Tree. I am glad that I found the Tree. I read the plaque and I was grateful for the strength found through the words that I had read.

Whilst it has now been 20 years since these terror attacks and 20 years since the war in Afghanistan was proclaimed, I write these words and share my experience / story not to induce hate or create divisions, but rather to question why? Maybe it is this question that survivors and families of the fallen ask as well?

Dedication | I would like to dedicate these words to honor the survivors and the fallen who fell victim to the mass murder terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001. It is important to remember not to create division or induce hate, but rather so that the world never sees this type of attack happen again.

Thank you – I would like to thank News Anchor David Muir and collegues of ABC’s World News Tonight and World News Tonight ’20/20′ for sharing the stories and documentaries that are airing on ABC, which also encouraged and inspired me to write these words.

David Muir | Facebook Link To Video

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Notes: Originally hand-written on September 10th 2021 in the early hours of the morning at approximately 2: 00 AM, all pictures are my own.

With Love & Kindness.

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