For World Humanitarian Day I would like to raise awareness for the Ashura, this is the 10th Day of Muharram, which is located within the Islamic New Year. It is on this day Muslims particularly of the Shia sect mourn the death of the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the most respected with love, mercy and kindness Husayn ibn Ali. With the death of the grandson also arrived the many raping of women and girls of the holy sacred family. Women were disrespected and were ripped off with their dignity. The remembrance is particularly important as part of an interfaith connection. As the Shia Muslims also believe that an Imam (Disciple) will arrive named as Imam Mahdi (the rightly guided one), who will be integral to assist our most loved – Jesus Christ within the belief of the second coming. It is highly respected and believed that together they will be a source of peace, to unite major faiths.

Whilst I don’t support the acts of violence, or practices that hurt the human body to commemorate Ashura, I do feel that the acts to hurt women and children during this time, can also serve as a reminder at present for the dignified treatment of women.

With Love & Kindness!

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