Trust Values!

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Yesterday I shared a thought via twitter, upon our website with a post through a Canva Creation and instagram as follows:

As I thought and meditated upon my own thought, I decided upon the importance of fleshing out what my thought process was, in terms of the simple sentence. What exactly is equity? And what is the contexts that I was thinking through? The following is a definition of equity in the context of business terminology in very simplistic terms: equity is the value attributable to the owners of a business.” Equity is known for the assets, objects, financial resources that we possess and hold. Minus liabilities is the worth and value. In the same contexts, I began to think about Equity in terms of social relationships, at the micro and macro level – such as person to person, also those that transpire from nation to nation.

What kind of equity is required to build and maintain relations? These could be monetary, means of exchanges, buying / selling, trade partnerships, which also create trust. But needless to say; in times of wanting more, nations also become tense, violence erupts. It goes without saying that points of hunger for greed, must once again be filled, and then brought back to suitable points.

trust itself becomes an equity, of value and worth. #ShaziBlog #Quote

Whilst trading relations are equally as important for the economic health and prosperity of nations – we have to also remind ourselves that health and wellness, building and maintaining of social relations, for the sake of the social good; even where there is no barter or exchanges is equally as important. Therefore, trust itself becomes an equity, of value and worth. Trust offers a foundation to build upon the very relations: individuals and nations seek for growth, health and prosperity.

building and maintaining of social relations, for the sake of the social good #ShaziBlog #Quote

Blog Notes: These thoughts have focused on the idea of trust in terms of business terminology with the idea of value and worth as related to social relationships, that are determined at the micro and macro levels. It is also important to remember that trust in social relations involves risk, just as a business decision. Trust itself contains many more ingredients for its development and maintenance, however; we should understand that trust itself it an equity – a valuable resource for human relations, national and international.

My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🙂

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on January 11th, 2019.

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