Feadship Superyacht Project 707!

I was inspired with the following instagram post shared by Tilman Joseph Fertitta .@TilmanJFertitta who is the respectfully known as the Chairman and Owner of Landry’s, Inc, Golden Nugget Hotels and Casinos and @HoustonRockets. Host of @BillionDollarTV on @CNBC. New York Times Best-Selling Author, with his first publication: “Shut Up And Listen” which is my current read. The Instagram post sparked my interests, to reveal how regions and nations can learn from one another, even as this is difficult to do sometimes, because of nation-state protection and defence. But in order for growth we must try to be open and willing to learn from each other through the good or hostile times. Please see the thoughts as follows:

Feadship Superyacht Project 707! #ShaziBlog #TilmanJFertitta #ShutUpAndListen #InternationalDiplomacy #Houston #TransportationIdeas #Feadship #Project707 #Superyacht #TheNetherlands #transportation

After taking the time to appreciate the beauty of the Feadship Superyacht Project 707 in The Netherlands, Denmark; I imagined how transportation ideas such as these could work for the Buffalo Bayou, Houston in Harris county, Texas.

Further Reading:

After writing and sharing my comments on Instagram, later I was further inspired to learn how to retweet an instagram post on ones Instagram story feed. The following are some apps that can assist and serve this purpose. Repost+ for Instagram .

Thank you Tilman Joseph Fertitta for your instagram post that sparked my attention! My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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