One of the features for the calendar month of September 2022 is Suicide Prevention Month, to create and raise awareness for the importance of Suicide Prevention. Preventions are possible and can save lives. Important resources often simply begin with 1 person who is willing to listen and validate what one is feeling. This can be through the organizations that are skilled to help individuals with coping mechanisms to begin a pathway to healing. It is important to note that emergency rooms in hospitals could also be the first-step that one decides to take, and that hospitals that are created especially to tend to mental health concerns are vital and more accessible to serve specific conditions. Mental health Stigma is most often why individuals don’t reach out before it is too late.

These thoughts can also be tied to creating cultural awareness, educative resources that are available in various languages. It is also important to note that psychotropics are often provided to patients, that is often termed as negative coping strategies. Doctors also prefer to incorporate mechanisms such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Counselling, Meditation and so forth. Given that drugs such as SSRI’s (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) that are usually prescribed for diagnosis such as Major Depressive Disorders (MDD) arrive with many side-effects and are addictive. Especially as the inhibitors contained within the drugs attach to the Synapse and alter the natural chemicals of the brain. Thus, to recognize the interconnectivity of seeking help and becoming knowledgeable about the pathways.

While in Western societies cultures are open and accepting to Mental health concerns, diagnosis, as a valid health condition. The acceptance levels may vary worldwide. Here we can also connect with organizational ethics of humanitarian organizations that seek to provide refugee populations and individuals with psychotropics, that must also educate and follow-up with patients especially as suicidal ideation is also a side-effect to prescribed medications pending case.

These thoughts connect well to the Rohingya Refugee Camps (Dyer & Biswas, 2019), Afgan populations that are addicted to opium, narcotics and drugs, Western vulnerable populations such as refugees, migrants and asylum seekers at the U.S. and Mexico border, and South American regions of concern. Veterans and military combat persons that suffer from the trauma of war, and diagnosis such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

International Psychologists (IP) offer immense value to humanitarian teams to aid organizations such as the Red Cross or International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) to guide interventions, serve vulnerable populations foreign and domestic.

Notes: Please note that all views and opinions are my own and that if these thoughts have helped to create any-kind of awareness, coping-help mechanism, it is also important to reach-out to seek professional advice. Thank you.

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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