Our thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, loved ones and all who have been affected with Hurricane Laura and the approaching Hurricane Sally. These sympathy wishes are also extended to all who are being affected with the wild fires through the West Coast of California, USA, to the borders with Canada. We are deeply saddened with the threats of fires, with the potential damages that occur to human health and property. We can also question how the very frequent fires, hurricanes that are sought as natural disasters can also be from human causation. Nevertheless, it is the humans, habitats, as well as animal populations and natural habitats that are left to suffer. Our thoughts of sympathy, support and prayer for the injured and those who have lost their loved ones. We continue to hope and pray that there are minimal damages with all the natural disasters that are currently taking place. Thank you to all emergency responders as well as all who are engaging with humanitarian efforts.

Question: How do human-made and natural disasters influence public opinion to swing votes towards a particular political party?

Image – Pexels Free Images.

With Love, Sympathy and Support.

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