On May 25th 2020 the federal holiday of Memorial Day will take place. The weekend leading up to Memorial Day is also known as Memorial Day Weekend. Memorial Day honors the remembrance of all military who passed away whilst serving the United States Armed Forces. What sets this Memorial Day apart from others is the devastating effect of the Coronavirus and the death tolls. The New York Times recently reported the losses as incalculable. It is without a doubt that we can say that after learning about the truth and the effects of COVID 19, we are changed. Our hearts yearn and crave to be side by side with those within our hearts.

As we honor the memory of all who have sacrificed their life, in the realm of service to nation, let us also remember the living. Be grateful and thankful for the living, breathing. Hearts, spirits, souls. Because it takes living humans to honor and remember those that have left the Earthly forms.

It is on this day I also take the time to honor living veterans, wounded warriors, military members, who are living with wounds of war. Physical, psychological or both. You are loved and honored. We are grateful, thankful and respect you. If only words could encompass what is within the heart. You are the living memory of what it takes to serve others. Thank you so much. I Love You!

As an appreication, I would like to share a recent sketch that I have started to create, and work on as time permits. I look forward to sharing the finished creation as well.

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