The Decade.

So the truth is that it looks like it’s the last day of the year, or almost as I am writing on the 30th of December. The significance of the new year is more so because it is also the turning of a decade – a period of 10 years. I saw various Instagram posts and individuals sharing on social media, their best memories of the decade. As for me I had to find a space to sit and think, what and where was I prior – making some mathematical calculations, I began to realize how life can change, in a period of 10 years, even as there are mathematical debates for the calculation of a decade. To read further please visit: When Does the New Decade Start?

Whilst as the days and years do go by, we think of the pace, and it seems like nothing has changed, and everything has remained the same. Even as I write, I wonder how an action, decision, will change and alter the course of life. As they say one phone call / email / or any piece of communication can be life changing. The same for decisions or an action. But all these begin with a thought. The thoughts are causation of motion. But to get back to this period of 10 years. Whilst I believe that I’ve probably learned more through the experience of life – accumulating wisdom of life; I cannot say that, or I don’t want to say that I regret my own life. If I say I regret something then it will mean that I regret my own life.

If I say I regret something then it will mean that I regret my own life. #SHAZIBLOG #QUOTE

This learning can and does happen through the idea / constructs of time. We could think of life events, of how our reactions and responses could have improved or not. What we could have changed, given a chance. Not for the purpose of regret – but for present and future choices. Maybe there have been instances where one was hurt, harmed? Maybe there has been forgiveness or not? Forgiveness can mean that we have forgiven, for the sake of peace. But can it mean to forget?

The forgetting is the tricky part, because as humans we react – our evolutionary instinct is to survive. Here we can invite scientific thought. Research related to brain functioning / mechanisms. Especially the Amygdala. That is the part of the limbic system within the brain. This part of the brain is responsible for our survival, emotions and memory. Memories associated with a high level of anything; for instance: A high level of happiness to a high level of pain – both will cause the same level of arousal within our memory stores. In the case of pain, management techniques have been developed, to build human coping skills. The coping skills can assist, but it may never mean that these will alleviate triggers from resurfacing. This might be difficult for an outsider or someone who is trying to understand you realize, especially when an individual him / herself desires to forgive.

Our evolutionary instinct is to survive. #SHAZIBLOG #QUOTE

We could simply say that forgiveness might mean that a relationship will not look exactly like we imagined, but in-order to be peaceful – we accept, and have have accepted so that we can move through life. To survive with a hope to thrive. Thrive upon purpose.

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To wrap up the year, or the end of a decade, maybe these very words can’t and won’t be enough to cover 10 years of life. But I can say that I am grateful for each and everyone, who I have encountered. Who has touched my heart, especially when I was at my most vulnerable points in life. I am grateful for the strength, courage of my own life, existence and beating heart. And thankful for the health of hearts, that surround me. I am especially grateful for the online social media platforms, publishing, and websites that can give the most vulnerable of silenced voices, an avenue for a voice.

social media platforms, publishing, and websites that can give the most vulnerable of silenced voices, an avenue for a voice. #SHAZIBLOG #QUOTE

I wish and pray for everyone, and hope that even with difference of opinions or view – there will always be points where we can come together to align and unite hearts, for the sake of continuing to build love, peace, happiness, success, at the level of the individual, community, society, national and international.

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Happy New Years Eve!!! God Bless You and God Bless America!!!! My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🙂

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand written on December 30th, 2019.

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