On December 17th 2022 it is the annual Wreaths Across America Day. This is a day when the Wreaths Across America organization coordinates wreath laying at Arlington Cemetery, and also the 3,400 locations in the 50 states of the United States of America. Wreath laying remembers, honors and teaches the memory of all who have served and sacrificed. I am proud to join and support this mission and thank volunteers, sponsors and all who make this immense event possible.

Thank you for honoring and preserving the memory of service men and women during this time of Christmas. I also take a moment to reflect upon the many lives that are sacrificed from tragic incidents that occur nationwide, and would also include these civilian lives where individuals and family members also remember their loved ones.

As I was deciding to write these thoughts I remembered my walk in Washington DC., USA at the World War II memorial at the time I was not aware of where my footsteps were taking me as I was exploring Washington DC. But today I am able to say that I am grateful to have taken this journey – the monument that honors America’s greatest generation.

With much love and appreciation – thank you Wreaths Across America.

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With Love & Kindness. 🇺🇸

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