I am deeply concerned with the state of terror and random acts of violence that are occurring in the past week. Whilst it is yet to be deciphered or labelled as “terror” I am saddened by the deep impact that this creates for civilian life, the ones who are just trying to survive each day and live life without any desire to hurt another. Everyone has a different circumstance that maybe not everyone will understand, yet it is the vulnerable who continue to get hurt. I continue to support for anti-terrorism / counter-terrorism. It is with these thoughts I send my condolences to the victims of the tragic events.

A bow and arrow attack took place in Norway on the 13th Wednesday of October 2021 that killed 5 individuals and injured 2.

A suicide bomb attack took place in a the Mosque place of worship in Kandahar, Afghanistan that killed approximately 47 civilians, on the 15th Friday of October 2021.

British Member of Parliament (MP) David Amess died after being stabbed by a knife in a Church place of worship on the 15th Friday of October 2021.

My thoughts of love, prayer and sympathy to all who have been affected with these tragedies.

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