As I was taking the time to think and reflect upon the recent Billionaire Space Flights by Sir Richard Branson with the Virgin Galactic firm, and Jeff Bezos with the space company Blue Origin, my initial reaction was well why don’t the rich / billionaires invest time, money and effort within important social issues such as: The Global Refugee Migration Crisis, the devastating human-made political crisis’ and humanitarian disasters of Venezuela and Latin America, poverty, homelessness and much more … Whilst this reaction was not a personal attack, I was reminded of the character, Elizabeth Bennett from the film entitled: Pride And Prejudice. As Elizabeth claims her dislike to Mr. Darcy because he is rich, her mother replies to say that you can’t hate a man because he is rich.

Her response can be assimilated to my response to the rich, playing with their expensive toys such as air-planes, space-craft and so on. However, as Elizabeth gets to know Mr. Darcy’s humanity / human kindness, she is appealed to him and her view slowly changes. Revealing that the title of the film, Pride and Prejudice might be perceived as a racist but it can also be assumed as the pride and prejudices that are linked to how Elizabeth feels towards Darcy as a wealthy man.

Whist of course I don’t know Sir Richard Branson or Jeff Bezos personally, my view of billionaires taking spaceflight shifted slightly. I thought about the Space and Technology industry as well as abundance. I believe that abundance which could be our day to day living or that of great amounts of wealth as God-Given. Abundances are simply an avenue / Gods way of revealing his glory within this Earth as we live, and are called to embrace. But of-course the spirit of creating something profitable / earning should be added with giving something or a portion back to the community. Especially in the case of the more-wealthy. Here we can also think about questions relating to the wealthy, and taking advantage of the vulnerable …..(

But it is with these thoughts that I remain cautious about space flight and its commercialization. Maybe it is ok to purchase a ticket for the Space experience and maybe it is also ok to invest money right back here on Earth too? Whilst the two billionaires experienced Space, Sir Richard Branson’s expedition featured crew members, Jeff Bezos flight was named as the first human flight to include paying customers, with Wally Funk (82) and Oliver Daemon (18) and Bezo’s brother, Mark Bezos.

These thoughts were originally inspired from the recent instagram post shared by David Muir where I posted a comment to further develop into this blog post:

Instagram Link

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With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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