Spirits Kiss!

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As I took the time to reflect upon the recent stabbings and shootings, once again the patterns re-surface with attacks upon religious institutions, and upon ones faith. It becomes really disheartening, especially when the same patterns repeat. We think that there’s been work on gaining religious understandings, but once again are brought down with the news of continuous attacks. In the case of the Church shooting in White Settlement, Texas; we can think about how targets are specifically chosen with their name, in this case “white settlement.” With an inference to white skin, or white people. We can also make assumptions that suggest these is racism, racial prejudices associated with worship. Maybe there is, or maybe there isn’t? But again we can question and wonder: How targets and attacks such as these are orchestrated to limit and control.

As I reflect, I continue to believe that a man and a woman who both have the same white skin, (in reference to “white settlement”) who are joined by the sacred union of marriage, can love each other for who they are. At the private and public levels. But can also love others, those with white skin or not. Of course the love of service is different to that of intimacy, and intimate love. I am merely putting forth the love, for the simple sake of loving through the eyes of God. I know that many will not believe this, but we have to remember that race, radicalization is a deep rooted historical construct. A person should be free to love who they choose, without the need to constantly prove and re-affirm that they don’t hold racial bias. And it is worth remembering that the love of intimacy is different, to the love associated with service and public service.

the love of service is different to that of intimacy, and intimate love. #SHAZIBLOG #QUOTE

It is with these thoughts I continue to hope that individuals from all walks of life can, and will be able to practice their faiths. Whilst we may or may not agree with everything that is said and done within religious institutions; religious institutions themselves must constantly affirm their welcoming, generous, loving spirit to all. The very mission of all faith-based organizations.

My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🙂

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on December 1st, 2020.

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