Hearts Keeper?!

The truth is that I think that we’ve always had an idea about love, what love is, or the crucial and crux of the feeling, of what it is to be in love. I remember writing, thinking about love, or the constructs of love that we form. These probably vary according to our personal experiences, past, present or how we desire a future. Or even the case to become vulnerable for the sake of love. To Love is too risk.

To Love Is Too Risk! #SHAZIBLOG #QUOTE

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A Present idea of love may differ to those at the historical levels, where the private realms of family, relationships, remained silenced for the sake of love, and even to acknowledge the existence of love and relationships. I think we owe a great deal to the thinkers, philosophers, poets, dramatists, who spoke on behalf of the private realm of love, sex, marriage, affairs, births and so on. These are the types of ideas that come to mind as I watched the film: The Duchess. Whilst there are a wide variety of issues that could be explored such as: gender equality within relations; what we do see is a woman – a Duchess who is given a voice of power, through a political lens. Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire’s fragility, is probably derived from what she wished and longed for within her marriage. Passion, love, sex, to feel wanted. She suffers for her marriage, makes choices, decisions and longs for comfort. Where there is power, there is also fragility.

Where There Is Power, There Is Also Fragility. #SHAZIBLOG #QUOTE

We see a glimmer, glimmers of what her heart desires, through the tiny utterance from her Duke of Devonshire, William Cavendish: “How wonderful it is to be free.” The Duke says this as he is watching the children playing outside from a window. The simplicity of these words hint at the complexity, that he found through expression, and expressing his feelings from the heart to the Duchess. We could call this effeminacy. But then we could argue: why do expressions from the heart have to be associated with female, male or gender orientation? The heart just desires to be expressed. The form of expression again is another topic for exploration.

The Heart Just Desires To Be Expressed. #SHAZIBLOG #QUOTE

However; as mentioned earlier, there are a wide variety of issues that we can flesh out, but it is this profound singular utterance from the Duke’s lips, and the Duchess’s facial reactions, that reveal: words uttered from the heart: have and do possess the profound crux, the crucial element to conquer and keep the heart of a woman!

Uttered From The Heart. #SHAZIBLOG #QUOTE

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My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🙂

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on December 29th, 2019.

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