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I was taking the time to reflect upon my previous thoughts, particularly with regards to the dialogue between the author, and what the author perceives as God. Through the dialogues are also personal stories. Another point of interest was the authors job experiences whilst working for a radio station. When Walsh was offered the job he was told he would be working at an all-black radio station (p. 140). Walsh decided to take the job. God’s reason for him taking the job is written as follows:

“… You decided that you wanted to understand more fully what racial prejudice – and righteousness was all about. You decided this as a very high level. At the soul level. It was about giving yourself lessons. It was about bringing yourself reminders. It was about moving yourself toward awareness.”

p. 141

Walsh’s experiences and his above dialogue with God reminded me of my own teaching and learning experiences. Learning about the racial experiences that have most often resonated, because I myself am a person of color. Some learning examples include: The Negro Speaks of Rivers, the poetry of Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, books deriving from the Negro experiences, including African-Americans, Africa and Jamaica. To this day the strong imagery and metaphors of the souls wounds resonates within. Wounds that are tired, where water is now replaced with blood. But we still continue to plow away as human beings – to live. The radicalized experiences and the stories, arts, poetry and all who gave voice to the radicalized experiences are valid and necessary. However, today as I write these thoughts I reflect upon the recent string of shootings, police deaths, particularly in Houston, Texas. The death of the family in the Mexico Ambush, school shootings, particularly as today is the anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting, and the death of the death of 6 year old Austin Rawlings, whose body was found in Roosevelt lake. All if not most of these shootings have murdered those from the white / caucasian race. People with white skin.

Whilst news media reports the incidents and names victims and shooters. We are left to ponder on the pattern of shootings, and the assumptions that we can make from these patterns. Why is a radicalized person more likely to be targeted through systemic barriers, and why is the white / caucasian the target of the gun? The response can be driven from historical divides of intellect, learning and opportunity. Knowledge is power – but knowledge must also be sought to be useful for the common and greater good. The weapon of the gun is more powerful. A symbol of control, destruction, utilized to convey a message. The difference between the gun and knowledge, is that the gun instantly seeks to destroy and kill. Knowledge, human experiences and stories seek to build and strengthen communities. But in an instance the work that individuals and communities carry out at the micro and macro levels is jeopardized. Shoot – Kill – Instant – Death. And or course there are instant reactions and responses. Especially when one feels unsafe, or as a species and survival is being threatened. So whilst the work of knowledge, building understanding may take more time and human investment, it seeks to teach rather than to kill.

the work of knowledge, building understanding may take more time and human investment, it seeks to teach rather than to kill. #ShaziBlog

As we continue to move forward and desire to create a future that is positive, free from wars, or even the youngsters who are advocating for climate change – all are very important issues. But what about the gun? Why is everyone silent? We seek to console each other with prayer, love and condolences – left to mourn. And then the cycle repeats itself. It is ok to have mass climate change protests, and the desire to stop wars. But then continue to allow Guns in the hands of those, who have no desire for building and maintaining communal relations, strengthening communities. But to rather rip apart through R.I.P. It is disheartening, because there have been many efforts to build inter-racial relations, from all racial groups including white / caucasian. Of course these have to be maintained and continual from all racial categories. But here we have to ask: how is the gun, knife or any other form of weapon destroying the creation of communal relations, years of efforts in an instant? Is weaponry the solution? Why are we not trying to place tools of love in our hands?

Why are we not trying to place tools of love in our hands? #ShaziBlog

“Yes. I will place the tools in your hands with which you may fashion the experience of your choosing, that you might come to higher and higher levels of consciousness. You Amy choose to use these tools, or not to use them.”

p. 141

Tools of love are derived through teaching, learning, experiences that are positive and negative, openness to increase our awareness and elevate the human consciousness – which require a decision, a decision that we can no longer accept the repeated cycles.

My thoughts to share with love & Kindness! 🙂

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on December 14th 2019 at about 10:30 AM.

Reference: Reference: Walsch, D. Neale. Friendship With God, an uncommon dialogue. New York, Penguin Putnam Inc. 1999.

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