A Uniform.

On the day of December 12th 2019, slain Houston Police Department officer SGT. Christopher Brewster was laid to rest with a community memorial and funeral. As I took some time to watch the memorial, especially the photographs of his little family, I thought about the respect, dignity and honor of a uniform, which is more that a piece of clothing. A uniform such as this represents the potential risk of life, and sacrifice that one must make to protect another human being, a group, society and community. As SGT Christopher Brewster is remembered we offer strength to his family, friends and loved ones who are left to mourn a young life lost. It is with these thoughts I also offer thoughts of love, prayer and condolences to family, friends, relatives, loved ones, and all who mourn the loss of SGT Kaila Sullivan, who was killed during a domestic violence arrest. These two back-to-back deaths reveal the sacrifices that both men and women make in the line of duty. We are devastated with the recent string of shootings that have caused so much pain. With love and strength. Thank you for your service. Rest in Peace.

Further Reading: LOVE AND HONOR

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