Becoming Re-Born!

The other day I began to think deeper about the emotions of shame and guilt, and realized how much such emotions can be the construct of one’s life, mind, actions and in-actions. With the capability to shape the course of ones life. This could be viewed as a positive / negative, but we can think further: how can ones life be viewed as positive if constructed through shame or guilt? In my opinion, I don’t think it can, because if life is constructed through shame and guilt, then this means that one must also be holding a specific amount of shame and guilt. Which of course are negative emotions that possess the power to debilitate ones soul, physically and psychologically. The reasoning of shame and guilt or why it has taken over ones life can vary from human to human, as well as to the degree of the emotion. These emotions shouldn’t have to take over ones life. This is why we can look towards the opposite of the emotions spectrum.

…negative emotions possess the power to debilitate ones soul, physically and psychologically. Shazi!

Diagram of emotions

From the above simple diagram we see the positive emotions that could very well induce a different mind-set, and shape the courses of ones life very differently. At the time of experiencing such emotions one doesn’t really know / understand the impact of such. And there will always be a period of grief, associated with the shame and grief. This is quite normal and natural. But the important take-away point here is to remember that shame and guilt should not, and don’t have to be the factors that one has to live with and through on a daily basis. Even as societal and cultural constructs desire to hold one back.

Never give up!

Through God’s eyes one is redeemed, forgiven. It only takes one decision – to embrace and encompass the hands of the forgiver / redeemer. Of course not everyone will think through the religious / spiritual lens, and even that too is OK. What the point here is that one must never give up. You are not the judgements of society, or what other people are saying about you. Look inwards – that is where the undoing of self / societal condemnation begins. I know some might say it is easier said that done, and I would also agree, it is true, but we must start somewhere. To begin the life-long path of becoming re-born.

We are born to become reborn, to become reborn, to become reborn……… Shazi!

My thoughts to share with love & Kindness! 🙂

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on November 25th, 2019.

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