The truth is that I had this thought around July 4th 2019, which falls upon American Independence Day, but jut as work loads or power work piles up, so do thoughts. Thoughts that were just overlooked within the pile. But just yesterday I was reminded to write about it as I tweeted the following:


To further explain its deriviatve we are led back to the very source, cause of celebration – American Independence Day. Where USA troops declared victory over the British Army and gained colonies that formerly “belonged” to Britain. Of course there is much more to this summary, but today as we remember, celebrate American Independence Day: we see how relations with Britain have also evolved, and maybe even altered the very meaning of Independence Day. For instance: we now have an American who is now formally Princess of Britain, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth – Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle. We are called to ask how this marital union shapes, changes the very meaning of Independence Day. Could this union be symbolic of uniting nations, or even to recognize the value added or not to Britains former colonies in the USA?

Of course we must recall the harsh histories of colonization and the claiming of territories, which will also bring the Indigenous, Natives, and the era of African slaves to the forefront. Maybe we all have a right to claim what and who we belong to? As belonging is one of the most arduous desires of the human being, soul and body. This very attachment / craving to place / land. Thus; the reason for my tweet. Maybe there is a possibility to re-visit immigration policy on both sides of the pond? America and Britain. As the marital union intimately unites both lands, which also call us to re-shape our historical view.

We could think about how British citizens who travel freely through commonwealth countries can also travel freely to the USA. Granting a valid passport, proof of identity, safety / security and so on. With the progressions of society, societal growth, there are ripple effects. Which is why we are called to further think about Immigration and Visa’s. These thoughts can also be transferred to the on-going argument of border policy, migration and crisis’ that take place at the USA southern border too.

My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🙂

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on November 24th, 2019.

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